Bienale Koper
2 concerto: studenti del Edgar Willems Music Center
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Data dell'evento: Novembre 30, 2022

Ora: 4:00 pm

Luogo: Sala concerti della Scuola di musica Capodistria


Production: New Music Forum Ljubljana


All the bonds that make up a water molecule are the result of quantum effects, especially the hydrogen bond, which is the result of one of the most unusual quantum phenomena - the zeropoint vibration. These vibrations are due to Heisenberg's famous uncertainty principle. Even if the universe were to freeze to a temperature of absolute zero, these vibrations would still exist ... In the case of water they cause the strengthening of its structural molecular bonds ... This results in a highly cohesive fluid that is the foundation of life.

Steven Isserlis (1958): Zakleta hiša (The Haunted House)
Kristjan Olenik Ribič, celo
Mentor: Jaka Trilar
Piano accompaniment: Alina Kolomiets

Arvo Pärt (1935): Für Alina
Hana Koželj, piano
Mentor: Rikardo Janjoš

Agnes Dorwarth (1953): Ptičja knjiga (Bird book)
Julija Kraljič, recorder
Mila Vučko, recorder
Ožbej Kosec, recorder
Martin Mlakar, recorder
Mentorica: Una Košir

György Kurtág (1926): from Játékok:
Unottan (Boredom), Totyogós (Little one), Néma tenyerek (Mute palms),
Butáskodjunk együtt (Let’s be silly)
Katarina Goli, piano
Mentor: Alenka Podboj

György Kurtág (1926): from Játékok:
Arckép (Portrait), Keringő (Waltz), Háromujjas (Game with 3 fingers),
Préludium és valcer C-ben (Prelude and waltz in C-major)
Liam Nal Rakuša, piano
Mentor: Rikardo Janjoš

György Kurtág (1926): from Játékok:
Ringató  (Rocking), Galopp (Gallop), Hommage à Bartók,
Hommage à Csajkovszkij
Liza Stabej, piano
Mentor: Rikardo Janjoš

Jean-Denis Michat (1971): No man's land
Živa Anderluh, flavta
Mentorica: Tanja Smaila
Pri klavirju: Rikardo Janjoš

Matej Bonin (1986): Hipno za dva
Dana Dular and Karin Drmaž, piano fourhands
Mentors: Alenka Podboj, Helena Megušar

Melani Popit (1998): Vezi (Bounds)
ensemble GCEW students
Mentors: Melani Popit, Una Košir

The concert aims to bring the language of contemporary music closer to young listeners. The central piece that will be performed is the composition titled Vezi (Bonds) of the young Slovenian composer and professor at the Edgar Willems Music Center Melani Popit. The piece was created on the initiative and with the support of the festival New Music Forum, especially for GCEW students. In addition to the instrumentalists, the younger pupils of the musical introduction and solfeggio groups participate in it by performing various musical elements, which are a key part of Willems lessons. At the concert, students of the recorder, flute, cello and piano will present themselves with various works by contemporary composers. It is a re-performance of the Young Musicians for Young Musicians concert, which was held on November 17th 2022 in the Slovenian Philharmonic as part of the Ljubljana New Music Forum festival.