Bienale Koper
7 concert: MEMORY - Music and movie
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Event Date: Dec 3, 2022

Event Time: 8:00 pm

Location: St. Francis Church Hall


Russian researcher Boris V. Derjagin concluded that solid boundary surfaces have a long-term effect on the structure of water. He claimed that water retains the "memory" of structural influence even if the boundary surface is removed. Frenchman Jacques Benveniste found that water, which once contained a biologically active substance, still acts on living systems in the same way as if that substance was still in it. We could say that something that isn't there at all behaves as if it was there! The experiments have been successfully repeated several times, but no one has provided a scientific explanation for this strange phenomenon. Benveniste wrote: "Water is a means of information."


Fabio Nieder (1957): Ein slowakisches Undinen - Märchen der authentischen Paulína und das Dekordrama des Wassermanns auf dem Trockenen
(Slovak Undine - the fairy tale of the authentic Paulína and the decorative drama of Waterman on dry land)

Film: Kristof Georgen 
Music and libreto: Fabio Nieder 
Regie: Thierry Bruehl, Wolfgang Kahlhammer 
Costume and make up:  Claudia Jung

Projection: Vanja Gregorič
Prababuška: Tanja Grlica
Domen Kužnar, viola

Paulina: Paulína Šolcová 
Waterman: Tobias Schlierf 
Girls: Alisa Rotthaler, Julia Baumann, Patricia Baumann, Josephine Berger, Sophie Schurich, Lydia Sturm 
Boys: Laurenz Holzmann Jonah Rauscher 
ENSEMBLE NAMES - New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg 
Rafal Zalech, viola
Leo Morello, cello
Margherita Naldini, bass
Marco Sala, clarinet
Antonio Brazales, trombone
Leonor Maia, harp
Manuel Alcaraz Clemente, percussion
Phileas Baun, electric guitar
Matthias Leboucher, piano 
Natalia Salinas, conducotr
Music direction: Peter Rundel