Tuesday, 8th November 2016 at 7 p.m. – Koper Regional Museum
Exhibitions Opening

Theme of the Ex-tempore: MADNESS
Organizer: Dragica Samsa


From 8th - 13th November 2016 – Koper Regional Museum
Exhibition of the awarded artworks and artworks
of the finnal selection of the 7th International extempore

Open until 13th november 2016 – See schedule of Museum

From 8th - 28th November 2016 - Atrium of Koper Gimnasyum
The accompanying exhibition of the selected artworks
of the extempore's participants

Open until 28.11.2016


The first event happened on a really beautiful autumnal Wednesday, 28th September 2016, forty-two days before the beginning of The Bieannial of Contemporary Music entitled Madness. The 7th International Art Ex-Tempore and the workshop on improvisation of music brought together the young from different primary and secondary schools and students of Gimnazija Koper, Art and Music Programme, mentored by a composer Matej Bonin. In musical and artistic language they interpreted various aspects of madness and its understanding. Both, astonishing musical improvisations and fantasy compositions revealed a great deal of personal expression and the feeling of madness as an abstract notion.

Other students also took part in the event such as actors, photographers and a cameraman, who not only documented the event, but also enriched it. The participants were pleasantly surprised by the music students at the final prize-giving event, who brought the language of madness closer to the audience with the use of different instruments. Unusual sounds came from various parts of the atrium and created a mad atmosphere, which did not leave the audience indifferent, but their applause expressed enthusiasm. The pictures of the participants expressed their own stories.

Some explanations made by the President of Expert Commission, Ms Sanja Tosič, reveal a multi-layered view of madness by the young. In the category Art Programme two first prizes were awarded by the Expert Commission.

»Surrealistic narration of Gaja Lapanje Stanič, the winner from Gimnazija Koper Art Programme, is created with a combination of illustration, collage technique and prints, a black and white cow is placed in the center. With a small green baloon and a poisonous fly agaric sprouting from it, the cow stares at us from the white background made of a texture of recently trampled paper. Wearing long forgotten rollers and happily staring at us, the two-tailed cow, can be labelled as a really inventive, even a mad creature, which makes us ask ourselves. Are mad cows really mad or are the fools, who enjoy the madness of mad cows mad, while the cows roller-skate and hide themselves in the shade of umbrellas over their heads?«
At the junction of painting, collage and illustration images of human faces, full of pathos, glisten in a dynamic composition – a mental condition, psychosis, schizophrenia. Kristian Župan, the winner from Gimnazija Koper Art Programme, with illustration, with drawing in the painting, opens up a space within a space, a bright space opens a view into a dark background with apocaliptic atmosphere, where sick madness dwells, headed by a playful dead small sunshine, which smiles cinically.

The picture of the primary school winner, Lea Žigante from Vojka Šmuc Primary School, takes the »viewer along a city road, where the central theme madness is presented as a social demarcation line between order and disorder, the usual and unusual, between statics and dynamics, square and stain…«

»Expressive pathos of information-communication technology is presented by the winner, Petja Kocet from Secondary Technical School Koper, in his composition built from objects of capitalist consumer society. Thus he shows how the society is captured in modern time technology: the era of monitors, hard discs, chips, adapters and other mass production products. The trumpet, a cigarette and other forms remind us of the internet icons, reveal how the internet data float in the dark rooms of our consciousness. Sad, bored, grey ghosts captured in the blackness of the monitor project an emotional symbol in an aindifferent expression of a robot, an expression of human numbness supported by a typographic title on the hard disc, You Hate.

When we look at these artistic expressions of the young and try to understand them, questions arise:«How many of their pictures have shown also the other side of madness? Is madness for the young also something really beautiful, really happy or free? What is youthful madness? Does youth mind where it sets its foot? What message do the young wish to convey and do we know how to listen to them, do we give them the freedom to jump far enough….or do we accompany them across the bridge, which cah break in the middle? Who is less crazy then? There are many answers in these pictures, therefore visit the exhibition at the Regional Museum Koper and at the Atrium of Koper Gymnasium, where you can also watch Jan Krevatin's film about this mad event.

Dragica Samsa
Translation: Elizabeta Šušmelj Vidovič