Il faut souvent donner à la sagesse l'air de la folie, afin de lui procurer ses entrées.
Denis Diderot (1713-1784)

Les hommes seront toujours fous; et ceux qui croient les guérir sont les plus fous de la bande.
Voltaire (1694-1778): Lettre á Luïsa Dorotea de Saxònia-Meiningen

2nd concert
Wednesday, 9th November 2016 at 7 p.m. - Koper Music School Hall

Strings quartett Dissonance (Slovenia)

Janez Podlesek, violin
Matjaž Porovne, violin
Oliver Dizdarevič, viola
Klemen Hvala, cello


PROGR concert M:

Michele Marelli (1978): *EMLA 5% for string quartet

Nina Šenk (1982): for string quartet
Intro, Igra, Ujeti trenutek, Fiasco, Caprice za štiri

Wolfgang Amadeus Godalni kvartet št. 19 v C-duru, K465 »Disonančni«
Mozart (1756.1791): Adagio-Allegro, Andante cantabile, Menuetto-Allegro, Allegro molto


Dissonance string quartet consists of members of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. They were brought together for the first performance of string quartet, written by Lojze Lebič, the renowned Slovenian composer. After a successful presentation and on going desire to continue to play together, the decision was made to form a permanent ensamble, the Dissonance string quartet. Since then, they performed a concert for Slovenian Composers Society, at the World Music Days "WMD 2015«, within Imago Sloveniae, at the Festival »Soboški dnevi« and other venues. Together with a well known Italian clarinettist Michele Marelli they presented the project "Mozart Destrutturato " at the Musica IN Estate 2015 Festival at Acqui Terme - Alessandrija (Italy) and at the Symphonic Voices Music Festival in Koper. The name of the quartet is taken from the famous Mozart's »Dissonance«String Quartet K465 No. 19 in C-major. It symbolizes their dedication to both classical literature as well as contemporary compositions, especially Slovenian.

Violinist Janez Podlesek is the Concertmaster of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra. He teaches at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana. In 2012 he was appointed violin docent.
His music career began at the music school in Domžale, where his first teacher was professor Hervin Jakončič. He continued his studies at the Music and Ballet School in Ljubljana with professor Dušanka Stražar. He graduated from the Academy of Music in the class of the renowned professor Primož Novšak, where he also completed his post-graduate studies - specialization.
He received several awards at national and international competitions. In 1999 he was awarded the Škerjanc Prize. During his studies he was twice the recipient of the Prešeren Award of the Academy of Music. As a member of the Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra in 2006 he received the Bettet Prize. He is an active member of the Clavimerata Trio and the Dissonance String Quartet. As a soloist with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra he has recorded a CD in 2014 with works by Mozart, Krek and Šenk.

Violinist Matjaž Porovne graduated with distinction in 2006 at the Ljubljana Music Academy in the class of prof. Primož Novšak. He completed his Master studies at the University of Music and Fiane Arts of Graz with prof. Eszter Haffner. He attended masterclasses with many renowned musitians: Rudolf Gähler, Jerrold Rubenstein, Igor Ozim, Tomaž Lorenz, Hagai Shaham, Eszter Haffner, members of the Artemis String Quartet and members of the Vogler String Quartet. He is a member of very succesful groups: String quartet Fiasco and trio Marakle, both winners of different chamber music competitions. He was awarded with the the »Prešernova Prize« by the University of Ljubljana for his achievements as a member of the Fiasco String Quartet. He was a member of the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO), the World Youth Orchestra of Junesses Musicales (WOJM) and the Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchester (GMJO) His musical cerrer was supported by organisations like Yehudi Menuhin Live-Music-Now Fundation of Vienna, PE-Förderkreis Mannheim and Villa Musica Rheinland-Pflanz. Since 2012 he is a member of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Violinist Oliver Dizdarevič studied with prof. Primoz Novsak, concertmaster of Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich on after-graduate studies on Academy of Music in Ljubljana – Slovenia and with prof. Igor Ozim on several Master-courses. From 1999 he is a member of The Slovenian Philharmonic orchestra as a 1st violinist. He was a concertmaster of "Slavko Osterc" ensemble for contemporary music from 2001-2002, and from 2001 a member of the Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber orchestra as a leader of 2nd violins. He received “Župančič” Award in 2004, “Betetto” Award in 2006 and Medal of Capital City Ljubljana in 2012. Since 2008 he participated on „Festival Maribor“ as a member of the orchestra and many different chamber music groups, performing chamber music with famous musicians like Richard Tognetti, Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Rudin, Satu Vanska, Anthony Marwood...He performed two times as a soloist with Slovenian Philharmonic orchestra and also as a soloist with Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber orchestra. He was a member of Slovene Philharmonic String Quartet from 2011-2013. From 2015 he is a member of “Dissonance” String Quartet as a Violist, mainly performing contemporary music of Slovenian and international composers. He participated in recording of around 20 CD's with chamber music, from Baroque to contemporary.

Cellist Klemen Hvala acquired his education at the Conservatory Ljubljana under Professor Matija Lorenz, he continued his education at the Academy of Musik Ljubljana under Professor Miloš Mlejnik and completed his studies with excellence. He participaated masterclasses for chamber music with Y. Gutman, M. Mlejnik, H. Fister, I. Ozim and other renowned professors. Already during his studies he was a member of various chamber music ensembles such as Ljubljana Cello Quartet, String Quartet Aurel, String Quartet Muzina and chamber orchestras – Chamber Orchestra of the Carinthian Music Academy and Chamber Orchestra Slovenicum. After his graduate studies he became a member of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and was a year later one of the founding members of the Slovene Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra. In the ensemble he worked as a cellist and assistant to the Artistic Director and in 2001 he took over the artistic leadership of the ensemble. His broad experience and knowledge acquired during his management of the ensembles was notably furthered by his Masters degree in Management.